Saturday, January 12, 2008

Home at last

I made it home and checked my favorite site at the moment and found out they're doing nominations for various awards (Just honor awards) and I got 24.

To say I was stunned is putting it lightly. I mean I was up there with TAG (The Angst Guy or The Angst God as I call him) and RLobinske and that's a real stretch.

I only hope the voting isn't quite so lop sided. TAG and RLobinske should win (well everything) with NightGoblyn and Doggieboy cleaning the rest up with Brother Grimace giving them a run for the money. But it is indeed kind of nice to be nominated. Here I thought that was only on really bad sitcoms.

Future updates on the Booties as they are called later.


I finished up Touch of Madness and it's available for reading at the PPMB that has a nice link on both my sites. After a few days I'll post it to my site.

Currently looking at a Robotech verse crossover during the next generation saga. So that will be coming soon.

Surprises is moving along nicely (knock on wood) and I'm not sure how big it's going to be.

Well since I'm pretty much talking to myself that's it for today.


Touch of Madness – 3 parter completed.

Surprises – Part three will be up today. (It's not a three parter.)

Surf Control!!

I'm sitting here stuck with nothing to do for 8 hours and oh look they locked down the internet. I really wanted to get started on Touch of Madness. Well maybe later if I can shut down the firewall. I managed to get past the firewall and posted PT 1 on PPMB. Enjoy. This is going to be one of my weekend three parters

Lets get started.

All right this is where I intend to give people a chance to give feedback on my new site.

So how many people read Stranger and what was your honest opinion.

Sitting at home waiting to go to work!

Pretty sad isn't that. Oh well I guess it could be worse.