Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Not really a reason.

Ok so I have this thing. Lets call it an internal alarm clock. Every morning I wake up before whatever time my alarm clock is set for. It usually or rather used to be about fifteen minutes. Now it's exactly an hour. Understandably this is a good thing in that I don't ever over sleep but it leaves me with an extra hour that I'm to out of it to write, work or do anything. Needless to say it's driving me crazy.

But that's not why I'm posting. I'm posting about the booties. Last year I got a lot of noms and didn't win anything. This year same thing and lets be honest. Kristen Bealer is going to have to kick her cat out of it's bedroom for all the booties she's going to get. I went through the list and could only find three that even I could bring myself to vote for my stuff. Sorry I really like Avalon and An Overlooked Flaw. Those are the ones I bore the people at my work with despite the fact that half those people don't even know who Daria is. I'm working on it but they're really slow to see the greatness of the show. Only a few people have changed jobs to get away from these talks so I'm still trying.

So once again I'm expecting not to win but, that's not the point either. Kristen deserves to rest in the knowledge that she was overwhelmed with votes and that means you need to get off your collective butts and vote.


Don't sit there and think you have plenty of time because you don't, you really don't. Go vote.


My predications are Kristen Bealer ruling the world with a chocolate covered fist. Doggieboy and NightGoblyn smashing down a few innocent villages themselves.

And of course if anyone wants to throw me a few sympathy votes while ensuring that Kristen, Doggieboy and NightGoblyn get their just due feel free. It'll be just between us. Besides it's my birthday (Jan 31) and wouldn't a bootie look cool next to a cake.


Go Vote or squirrels will eat your toes!