Saturday, January 26, 2008

Long Day

It's been a long day so I'm really glad it's almost over.

I'm trying to post EarthFall Episode 1 Part 1 but PPMB decided to go down just as I did. I'm going to wait a while and try again.

I'll be honest. I'm really looking forward to working Monday through Friday again. It'll give me a chance to get some writing done at night instead of in the morning.

Well if I can't get EarthFall posted today I promise it will go up tomorrow, of course this is depending that the great and powerful web gods of PPMB allow it.

Have a good night!

Here's a question to ponder. Why is the Lane house always written as filthy or cluttered. Other than the bedrooms it was always pretty clean in the show. A pile of mail doesn't count against the  entire house. So why did we as fan writers decide to wreak their house and who was the first one to do it?

Lesson Learned Done!

I just posted the FINAL part to Lesson Learned so I'll be hiding all day to avoid the sub orbital nuke strikes on my suspected locations.

Surprises 9 is up and ready to read as well.

Head on over to PPMB and read for awhile.


I was fooling around and realized I had written the first 2000 or so words for EarthFall so Sight for sore eyes (part 1) should go up later today as well.

Doggieboy started a new fic called A Little Vacation and his work is always worth a read.

Just 6 more days till the end of voting on the booties so hurry up.

Well have a fun Saturday!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Taking a break.

Decided to take a break. I got a few things done and almost ready to post in the morning. They changed my work schedule so this should be my last weekend working. I guess I won't have an excuse to sit for 8 hours in front of a PC on Sat and Sun.

Updated list of current projects.

1. Surprises Part 9

2. Lesson Learned Part Final.

3. EarthFall (warming up in the bullpen.)

4. My Sons (Gathering ideas.)

5. Mobius Strip (Rereading some Lumley to get in the mood.)

6. Daria Arrives. (Planning stages.)

7. Of Metal and Men II. (Summery.)

8. Avalon. (Just a SUPER idea.)

9. She died. (Taking shape.)


It really sucks when I come up with projects faster than I can write them. So many ideas tossed into the trash bin.

Enjoy the weekend.

Just wanted to fill some time.

Ok Surprises Part 9 and Lesson Learned Part Final will be posted tomorrow at some point.

A crazy idea for a story that should never happen occurred to me. Daria shot the QB.

Don't worry I'm not even close to crazy enough to try to write that one.

They have made the claim that I'll get my refund back in ten days so I'm starting the timer and I expect to have a full breakdown sometime around Feb 6 or so.

Thinking about doing a superhero take on Daria not a crossover just take her world and add superpowers. I think I have an idea that no one has done yet.

So look for Avalon sometime in early spring.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Just to announce that Lesson Learned is getting one more part. Part Final will be up sometime during the weekend. The father will be revealed in it. Almost right away.

I've got about half of it done now.


EarthFall will be the next series that I work on and Surprises has a while to go yet too.

So I'm going to veg for a while and watch something that's not Daria or Robotech for a change. Where did I leave those Zombie flicks?

Stop by TAG's site and check out his Halloween bit.

Happy Times.

Didn't get much writing done today because I finally got my W-2 in and e-filed. Now I'm waiting for the cash. Only time of year I have money and now I'm all anxious waiting for it. I hope it doesn't affect my writing.

On a side note I came up with another story idea. Daria and the Taxes of Death.

Who told TAG he was allowed to have a life, what's next he's allowed to date outside arctic waterfowl?

Not much happening.

Just doing some writing today but feel free to take TAG's challenge concerning Halloween. Here's some inspiration.

hallo4 hallo5 hallo15

hallo14  hallo9

So go write something so I can read it!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Surprise 8

Just posted Surprise part 8 over on PPMB and gave away a teaser for part 9. Go read it. Why are you still reading this? Go read the story.


Looks like Lesson Learned will be getting at least one more part between now and Sunday and I hope to get Part 9 of Surprises done by then too.



A Garfish class destroyer mentioned in my Earthfall story. (Robotech.)

NightGoblyn and Dennis have updated their stories on PPMB today so you're already behind so better get reading.


I've read a few fics here and there and I started thinking about what I've come to call the Great Lane yard sculpture. It's been used to hide spaceships, described as large and ugly. For the life of me I couldn't remember if it was Canon or not. So I decided to run through the show and see. It is Canon!


It certainly lacks some of the luster some writers have given it. And the yard looks good.

Here's a close up, or closer up.


Yep it' a huge hunk of metal that looks like a lamp.


Well Surprises Part 8 WILL be up today sometime after I get home from work.

Today is my Friday this week so I'm looking forward for a boring weekend.

Again Ranger Thorne finished up his Dr. Who crossover on PPMB so go read it and join in the begging for a sequel.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Just checking.

Just testing a blog writer besides word to see how it works.

Seems to be much better than word. 

Senseless update to fill space.

Just wanted to post what I'm currently working on.

  1. Surprises Part 8 (Should go up tomorrow.)
  2. Lesson Learned (Simmering.)
  3. EarthFall (Some serious planning being done.)
  4. My Sons (Gathering ideas.)
  5. Mobius Strip (I think I know what I want to do with this one.)
  6. Daria arrives (Trying to work out who will be in this one.)
  7. Sequal to Of Metal and Men (I wrote up a summery by accident.)


And I came up with the idea to have Jane have a long lost younger sister show up. (ala Veronica style, But not Veronica.) I'm thinking about calling it something like "Not An Artist!" Or "Forgotten Lane".


Danielle Todds will be appearing in EarthFall!


The Martians have been discovered and it's been proved they are just as boring as we are. Not much need for more later I guess.

Ranger Thorne has finished a story. I know this is one of the signs of the end but it's still a must read!

Another day, another 32 cents.

Just a scene that occurred to be for My Sons.

"Jake how could you do this?" Helen was on the verge of shouting.

"He was dying and wanted to make sure his daughter was taken care of." Jake defended weakly.

"So you promised to have your sons date her. So now what?" Helen fumed.

"Well Daria and Quinn seem to be taking this much better than you are." Jake puzzled.

"Are you insane?" Helen almost screamed.

"Why are you so mad?" Jake asked.

"Because you agreed to have our daughters who you misidentified as boys date some girl and then convinced them to agree to it." Helen replied harshly.

"Maybe they'll like it." Jake said weakly.

"THAT'S THE PROBLEM!" Helen bellowed.

"Eep." Jake answered.

Daria walked in holding hands with Susan.

"Mom, Dad we're going up to my room to study. Knock before you come in and don't mind the loud music. It's a date." Daria smirked making air quotes around the word study.

"Hi Mrs. Morgendorffer." Susan said with a grin.

"You girls have fun." Jake responded.

The girls started out of the room.

"You think you're being funny but I expect that door to stay open and I will be coming up to check on you." Helen called after them.

"Helen be reasonable." Jake tried.

"Jake shut up." Helen fired.


I hope to have Part 8 of Surprises up tomorrow but that will depend on if they want me to actually work at work today. I mean sure they pay me and all but do they really expect me to produce anything. Some people.


Monday, January 21, 2008

Good Evening.

Slow day.

Daria Fandom Blog II is now linking to story updates so it's a great place to check out on a daily basis's. Oh look there is a link right over there on the right.

Well I'm tired and not much is happening.

Don't let the man get you down.

Welcome to the morning.

Interesting articles over at the Daria Fandom II, go check it out.


Getting ready for work and I went and checked out PPMB.

Not much happening today. Oops I should be careful or someone will declare the fandom dead and the great implosion of 2008 will began. I really do wonder what it is that makes someone think they have some right to declare something dead beyond their own story or site. I mean get real. I did a google search and it pulled up a site on the Booties in two different languages. Apparently I'm not received well in France but I'll deal. There were even instructions on how to vote. I think that if every active member of the fandom disappeared there would be someone to move up and take their place. So we're all replaceable so quit thinking you aren't. Sorry just read some of the old Daria is dead posts and such from last summer.

Just relaxing on the stories for a bit to see if anything else comes to me for Lesson Learned. I've got EarthFall kicking against the gate wanting to get moving but it always does in the morning. Thinking about doing another Daria and the living dead stories, I just like zombies.

So take a break and catch up on your reading.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Good Night.

I just posted Part 7 of Surprises so go over to PPMB and check it out.

RLonbinske updated Falling into Colleges 61 so it's a twofer.

The squirrels have continued their assault and it appears the end is here as attacks are now being reported around the globe.

It's rumored that they have overrun entire cities. It appears that several species of birds have joined forces with them.


Also go check out the Prolog to EarthFall over on my website.

Have a good night.

Random and senseless update.

I just posted a prolog to EarthFall up on my site. It's just a short blurb that takes place about 10 or so years before EarthFall. More reports of squirrel carange have been coming in and it looks like we're going to lose Maine. The military seems unable to deal with the threat from an endless army of insane rats with fluffy tails. So enjoy the story and don't worry about that scratching sound at your door. There's nowhere to run anyway.

Happy 500 day!

My fanfiction site just got it's 500 hundred guest! Mr. 500 hails from Finland. So hi. Ok that was lame but so what. Alright nothing much happening today as they might make me work today. So basicly I'm going to spend the day gathering some notes and tightening up a few of the current projects I've got warming up. Surprises Part 7 should be up sometime much later today. (All I promise is before midnight.) Current list of things to suggest over at PPMB but haven't done yet. Best Replies section of the Booties. Best Scene section of the Booties and of course Adopt an Orphan Story! I really need to post this over there. Again I redid my sight to make the page a little easier to manage and all my stories can be found under the link marked Stories over there. This includes an excusive short oneshot never before seen anywhere. (It wasn't that good so I killed it.) Maybe I should have waited to tell that part? Alright go read something and look out for the squirrels. Apparently some people took the hugs to far and now they've declared war.