Sunday, November 30, 2008

Not exactly a public service announcement

I managed to get my little DAYLIGHT and Tales of the Ringbearers blurbs going and had just named my LATIFA story. Then I was called briefly away from the computer and broke two fingers in my left hand. The ring and middle fingers and I'm left handed to boot. There goes typing for awhile.

(I'm currently typing this one handed and I can confirm I am not ambidextrous.)

Going to be a few days off.

I'm sure Doggieboy will fill the gaps with updates to his work.


I realized a little while ago that there was only 31 more days left in 2008. I can't believe how fast this year has seemed to go by.

Didn't manage to get much writing done this weekend. A bit but nothing to post up yet.

So not much to chat about but hopefully I'll get some writing done during the week. I did figure out where I might be heading with the SteamPunk Daria story I'm looking at. Can't tell you yet but it's coming. sooner or later it's coming.

Have a good week everybody and don't let the shoppers get you. I hear they can smell fear from a block away.