Saturday, June 13, 2009

Expecting Trouble is going to an end.

I’m working on the last part to Expecting Trouble right now in fact. I took a break when my keyboard melted from the heat. Days like this are why I hate living in Florida.

Did get a chance to catch up a little on PPMB, now I’m only two or three weeks behind.  I did notice that Doggieboy posted another part to Scarlett’s Tale. I’m a sucker for all his Apocalyptic Daria tales.

I have to mention the funest Daria tale I read in a while. Don’t Wound What You Can’t Kill. I loved it. It’s by thatLONERchick. It’s out on PPMB or


I’ve got to figure out what I’m going to do after I finish Expecting Trouble. Should I go real world like Expecting Trouble or something more flashy like some of my other stories. (On the Clock, Of Metal and Men, Avalon etc etc.) Maybe both. Ummmmm.


I’ll have to think about it for awhile.