Saturday, August 23, 2008

I think I saw the sun today.

But I'm not sure, it's just been so long.


Any way I wrapped up Starbright. It was fun to play in that world a bit but truthfully I can do without trying to write pop songs. For a good laugh go over to PPMB and check out my sad, sad attempts.


Anyway I started Sometimes It Rains today. This is the Jane gets a sister story I've wanted to do for awhile.

TAG has started a new story and I'm intrigued.


Another story I'm starting is going to be Two Aunts. Amy and Jake's younger sister end up staying with the Morgendorffers that last summer before Daria goes away to school.


Counting down to the one year anniversary posting on the PPMB. Sept 9. (The day I joined.) Just a few days after reading one of the John Lane stories out on


Something to think about,  was Amanda really gone as much as Vincent. She makes far more appearances in the show. (Though once only as a pair of feet.) Even being around to star or be drawn (I never did figure out if that was supposed to be animated or "real life") in the MultiMedia project Jane and Daria did. I'm starting to think she was around but not available for Trent and Jane. Maybe hanging out with her hippie buddies. Not that she was at the house, but out somewhere nearby making art or whatever. Lets be blunt, a pack of wolves could have done a better job raising a family. 

Monday, August 18, 2008


Maybe I should start breaking into song at random moments as the storm goes over us. That would be a real Daria tribute.


Just found out that one of my stories Esteem Roller counts as a novel, cool. Thanks for the info TAG.

I love the Dariawiki.

Just wrapped up a New Life and started Starbright.

I don't know what demon has processed me to do a Jem and Holograms crossover with Daria I don't know. If anyone does please forward name and best banishing spell.  The story isn't hard but the songs are tough.


Well maybe Fay will wipe me off the face of the Earth, if not I should have an update sometime this week.


Here's a question to ponder, assuming the Tom was physically attracted  to Daria. (He was willing to kiss, make out and even have sex with her.) Why did he make the play for Jane first instead of Daria.  Did he flip a coin or what?