Friday, April 25, 2008


Not much happening at the moment. I thought I would update my current projects list.

1. Mobius Strip. Daria discovers she has more friends than anyone ever has before while Quinn’s new math obsession really takes her places.
2. Daria Arrives. Daria shows up in Lawndale a year after her family moves there.
3. Of Metal and Men II Continuing the story line of machines taking over the earth.
4. She died. Someone close to Quinn dies and she doesn’t have anyone to talk to about it.
5. I have a sister? Jane has bad news and she isn’t that upset about it.
6. But Why? Quinn wants to know why Daria put away her camera.
The Girl and the Cynic. Quinn passes away and Daria is left to raise her daughter.
8. I knew it! Daria finds out Helen was married briefly to another man and becomes convinced he is her real father.
9. Continue. Daria has to deal with a greedy Rita.
10. Danielle. Just a bit of back story on Danielle Todds.


Also I will be updating EarthFall this weekend and ending the story. I might come back to it at another time but I'm not carrying the story very well in a regular series. I might throw out a few EarthFall oneshots a little later in the year.

That's all folks.


Ok I've wrapped up My Sons and posted another part to Avalon (Part 16)


In real news NightGoblyn wrapped up The Misery Chicks and you have to go read it. This story along with A Little Vacation  by Doggieboy are going to rule the Booties next year, everybody else go home, it's done.


Gouka Ryuu has dealt out a Legion of Lawndale Heroes Minis and LSauchelli has offered up a Lawndale's Finest oneshot. Both are great and maybe it might keep us all from going twitchy on the writers of those worlds while we're waiting for them to update.

Dennis has released another update for Turnabout Confusion.


Is anyone else getting sick of reality inferring with people updating their fics. I mean, c'mon, shouldn't the government offer some form of restitution for all the Daria fans these people are keeping off the streets. But no they would rather give money to velvet pictures of Elvis, he's not even dead yet. So write your congressman or equivalent and demand support for the Daria arts.


It's not any sillier than them spending millions to build a road that doesn't go anywhere.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday boring Sunday.

Just updated My Sons and Avalon over at PPMB.


DOGGIEBOY UPDATED A LITTLE VACATION with Part 18, you are a bad, bad person if you haven't read this story at least three times. Ok maybe you aren't a bad person but you aren't real bright.

Click here to LIVE

RLobinske update his current John Lane story, 34 Part 3.


Side note, Brother Grimace hinted that there may be a Angst filled RLobinske story out there. That's a must read!

Solaris is putting out a lot of reviews to stories so that's worth a look.

Hopefully everyone will enjoy this last day off before returning to the salt mines tomorrow.