Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ok that sucks.

I finished part 6 of Lesson Learned and even I don't think it's over.

I'm going to let it sit for a little while and see what happens next weekend.

Current projects.

  1. Lesson Learned – simmering till next weekend.
  2. Surprises- Going along nicely.
  3. Robotech/Daria crossover-Still in the planning stages. (EarthFall.)
  4. My sons- Sneaking around in the back of my head like jack hammer.
  5. Mobius Strip- Still in the notes stage.

Ok another thing they need to add to the booties is a Reply category. Some of the funniest stuff I've read has been as a reply to a story.

I redid my webpage and moved all the stories over to a secondary page. Makes it easier to find them without all the scrolling.

Click on Stories on my webpage to get to them.

Another Teaser for EarthFall.

Lieutenant Jane Lane (Zentraedi)

REF mission member after refusing to join the Zentraedi contingent.

Master of Arms Garfish class Destroyer, The Henry Global.

Micronized Zentraedi that was born into Micronian form on Earth toward the end of the Malcontent Uprisings.

Unknown if survival would even be possible during resizing process.

Current status- Missing in Action.

Just avoiding.

I was sitting avoiding finishing up part 6 of Lesson Learned and an idea came to me that was somewhat familer. Jake having been ashamed that he had no sons lied to some old friends and agreed to have one of his "sons" court the daughter of a dying friend. After the funeral Jake brings the girl home to meet the "boys". Checked it out and the plot is close to Daria 1/2 by LSaucheli. I'm still thinking of doing it. "What do you mean we're supposed to date her?" Daria deadpanned. "Does she put out?" "But Daddy I don't want to be the boy." Quinn whined. "I can't afford that much." Oh ya I think I'm going to have to do this one.

Good Morning.

Is everyone ready for a fun filled weekend? I'll be hiding behind this wall over here to avoid any thrown projectiles.

Just posted an update to both Surprises and Lesson Learned over on PPMB.

Surprises Part 6

Lesson Learned Part 4


I also started scrapping together my notes for my Robotech/Daria crossover. Just as a FYI no characters from the Robotech verse will be appearing but some will be mentioned. (ie. Admiral Hunter etc)


I'll release a plot teaser.



Lieutenant Commander Daria Maria Morgendorffer.

Second in Command of the Garfish class destroyer, The Henry Global.

Assigned to advance recon mission tasked to test Invid planetary defenses as precursor to the Mars attack group's main offensive.

Missing in Action.

All ships lost and no intel confirming or denying survivors at this time.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Just an update.

Getting some notes together for Lesson Learned 4-6 and it's becoming clearer that I'm going to catch some heat for them. I don't think it's going to go deep enough. I guess I'll find out tomorrow.

I can recommend Cloverfield to anyone who is thinking about seeing it.

Well that's it for today.

A little secret!

I'm getting ready to start doing my Lesson Learned story and I thought I'd share a little secret concerning the father.


It might not even get disclosed in the story. I guess I'll find out once I start writing the next three parts. I'm kind of curious and I'm expecting some serious hate mail on it.

Well going to go see Cloverfield with the kiddies.

First person with confirmed pictures of a snipe or drop bear wins a cookie.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Story update!

Part 5 of Surprises was just posted over on PPMB you should go read it. While you're there check out Been Here Before by The Sidhe.

Slow week for fiction.

It's really making me think the Adopt an Orphaned story is a good idea. And you have till Jan 31rst to vote for the booties, did I mention that's my birthday too! I wonder what you could get me hummm.


Best Scene In a fanfiction would be a great category for the booties.

You could break it up into drama or horror, comedy whatever. Some of the best scenes ever have come from so-so stories.

Don't forget about the squirrels!

Day off

It's my weekend and hopefully this god awful headache will go away and I can get some writing done.

Looks like Outpost Daria is rising from the dead and will once again slouch through the streets bring Daria to the masses. (I've already sent an email to check what formats are ok.)

Oh and is there some reason people don't leave their names or nicknames when leaving comments?

Well I'm going to swallow a few dozen Tylenol and try to get some writing done. You go read something and don't forget to hug a squirrel today.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sudden Traffic increase!

I think I got complemented today but I'm not sure but I'll take it as one.


Because TAG's suddenly discovered modesty (he's too busy with his Ebola and penguins anyway) and this legendeld guy's just appeared in the sky like a Vorlon planet-killer over Centauri Prime, it's time to do some blatant self-promotion.


I refuse to involve myself in such attempts to curry favor for me and my 24 nominations in several categories. But feel free to check out some of my work and then head to PPMB and vote.

Written works Nominations-



Lots of great work out there so start reading.


I decided to give a hint on my Lesson Learned story by putting a picture of the father. Yes it's ok to hate me.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fast update

Should be posting Touch of Madness to my site tomorrow. I'm hoping to get Surprises part 5 up on the PPMB late tomorrow night as well. Google pulled my index on my main site and traffic took a nose dive so I'm not having as many traffic reports to read. (* sniff sniff)

Thinking about suggesting something over at the PPBM for all the abandoned stories.

Adopt an orphan!

Take a story that hasn't had any new posts for say a year and try to continue it. Assuming the author isn't still active on the board and doesn't object.

Any opinions on this idea?

Well I'm getting tired after a hard day sitting in front of a PC all day.

Have you hugged a fanfic author today?

Monday, January 14, 2008

Is it wrong to enjoy annoying people?

I have to admit to taking a small amount of perverse pleasure in making people wait for a week for the next three parts of Lesson Learned. The guessing isn't even close yet. I'm going to have part 4 of Surprise up tonight. Right now I'm trying not to drift off and start my next story. Well time to write so go read something.

Brand New Week

It's the start of a new week and I'm currently working on Surprises Part 4. I really don't want to be at work for the next say year but money is god.

Current Projects.

Lesson Learned 1-3 Done 4-6 forthcoming.

Surprises 1-3 Done 4-? forthcoming.

I think I'm enjoying watch the page stats for this blog and my stories page more than anything.

Go click happy.

Well time to make money

Sunday, January 13, 2008

He pushed the ‘Slut’ button!

Apparently I might have stumbled into a button but I swear it was completely on accident and I'm not sure I did. I do remember sitting on something but oh well.


Lesson Learned 1-3 are up and ready to read at PPMB. (Link available right over there.)

Parts 4-6 will be written (hopefully) next weekend and posted then.


Standard update.

Just put PT 1 of Lesson Learned on PPMB this will be a 6 parter. 3 this weekend and 3 next weekend. Since no one comes to this blog I'll just pretend I just wrote something inspiring here.

The Eternal Quinn

I'm still pretty new to the whole fanfiction thing having always shied away from playing in someone else's playground. Same verse stuff was more my thing. Having to try to follow certain guidelines is harder than I want to admit.

One of my favorite characters to write is Quinn because she has so much room for growth within Cannon.

She is also one of the saddest characters I've seen.

Funny that the writers gave her so much potential for growth and experience that they left out of the main characters.

Surprises is up and running and doing ok.

Kind of hard to believe I just posted Pause in Life just 4 months ago. Hell I can't get through a week now without writing something in the Daria verses. Maybe it's the wide range that the whole Daria universe allows.

So that's it for now.

Go read something.