Saturday, February 02, 2008

Choice of Music.

I just chucked about two pages of Surprises part 12 because after writing it under the influence of trashy techno pop it turned into a sappy romance that didn't make any sense. (Now I know some people are saying "Hey isn't that par for the course with your writing." but it was really bad.)

A familiar face in making an entrance in EarthFall episode 2 part 2 and is the third of six people from the show (Daria) that are currently planned on being in the story. (More might pop in later on.)

Not much happening on PPMB today but Doggieboy has said he'll try to have Part 5 of A Little Vacation up tomorrow or Monday so there's hope.

Have you guessed I really like this story yet.


Well I'm working on Part 12 for surprises and part 2 for EarthFall at the moment and might get them done before the end of the weekend.

Have fun.

Story update.

I posted EarthFall (Episode 2 pt 1) on PPMB and added a blurb on An Overlooked Flaw on the Dariawiki.

A Little Vacation by Doggieboy is on part 4.

Doesn't look like anyone else has updated today yet.

acidgirl did a great picture of Jane Parino Lane from EarthFall and I was stunned at how perfectly she captured the image from my mind. I'm wearing a tinfoil hat from now on whenever I go to PPMB.

Check it out.

I've got to ask if she'll let me post it over here or on my site. It's really good.

So how long do we have to wait to find out who won the booties?

Friday, February 01, 2008

Better Late than Never!

Finally got an update for Surprises up so go read part 11.

While you're there check out Nature of Nurture by Mascifin and Size does matter Pt.2 by Blackhole and drum role please.

A small update to Legion of Lawndale Heroes by Brother Grimace.

Dennis's Turnabout Confusion is still running hot enough to blow the bolts off the manifold.

Don't you hate waiting for another chapter of an epic story and that's how I'm feeling with Doggieboy's A Little Vacation.


I should have an update for EarthFall tomorrow. I'm working on the first part of Episode 2 tonight.

Voting is over for the booties and anyone who did vote I salute you even if you voted for someone else. LoL. But hey I'm in Florida so I'll be demanding a recount, just kidding.

Look for some excusive content to go up on my site on Sunday including a few shorts I walked away from and a massive tale that I grew disgusted with but couldn't stop until it was finished.

I'll post again tomorrow.

Thursday, January 31, 2008


It's the last day to vote over at PPMB! Why are you still reading this? GO VOTE NOW. You read the work now go vote for your favorite.

C'mon you know you want to.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Just an update.

EarthFall episode 1 pt 3 is posted over on PPMB and I'll have a complete Lesson Learned posted on my site later tonight.


In other news you still haven't vote yet have you? Go vote.

Blackhole has started a new fic called "Size does matter" and it is great.

Sidhe completed "Been Here Before." So you have to read that.

RLobinske has part 10 of Falling Into College 61 up. nuff said.

Roentgen's New Drum, Same Tune has another part.

Surprises should get another part tomorrow!


So start reading. Then VOTE on the booties and then you can take a nap.

Internet is still here.

Power was out as soon as I got home yesterday. Took till nine to get if up again.  So I spent the afternoon doing everything but being on the PC. AND IT SUCKED.

Anyway working on my various stories which are suffering due to my recent sced change but I should be back on track in a few more days.

The blog here finally got it's 500th hit.

So have a wonderful Wednesday and don't forget the booties Jan 31rst deadline so go vote.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Zombies are overrunning major US cities.

It's all over. The undead walk the streets and devour anything in their path.


I'm starting a new work sced so I'm not sure how that's going to affect my writing but I'm pretty sure I'll be in the swing of things in a few days. I really hate it when a sced change makes me work 6 days in a row. Ok I'm spoiled.

3 more days till the end of voting for the booties!

Seriously a lot of good stuff and you should go support a writer or artist.


Now remember when dealing with zombies it's not how fast you run but rather the person with you. I recommend a swift downward rake to the shin to slow them down.

Have fun and remember to shoot for the head. Not your head, theirs.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Back to the salt mines.

The weekend is over at last.

Well PPMB has been up for a few hours without crashing so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I posted Surprises 10 and EarthFall episode 1 parts 1 and 2 already.

Now go read them.

(EarthFall will be broken into episodes with each one about three parts.)

Do to the board outage not much happening today.

The 31rst is almost here. Have you voted on the booties?


Still waiting for any information concerning the Lane household. C'mon please. I'm begging here.

Oh and Doggieboy's A Little Vacation is looking like it's going to be a zombie fic so that means it must be read. I'm not kidding, you have to read it or we may face a class 3 outbreak and I won't be held responsible for that.


Have a good night and don't let the undead bite.

EarthFall is posted.

After the evil message board gremlins disabled PPMB were defeated and the board restored to its glory I have been able to post it.

Go over to PPMB and read it.

Take the time while you're there to check out A Little Vacation from Doggieboy and Crouching Monster, Hidden Magic by LSauchelli and of course the always  great RLobinske is working Falling into College 61: Latitudes.

11:59 PM GMT on January 31 2008 is rapidly approaching and you know you still need to vote so go on now.

Again I'm asking for any information on the Lane house is always messy or unkept conspiracy.

Who? Why? When?