Friday, March 07, 2008

Another Rainy night

I posted part 3 to My Sons earlier so go read it. And while you're at PPMB check out John Lane 33.

I have to tell the truth here. It was a John Lane chapter that led me to PPMB and made me want to post Pause in Life there. So I guess RLobinske can be blamed for anything I post. LoL.


The Misery Chicks is up to Part Twelve and Size does matter is at Pt. 13. These two are worth a trip to PPMB all by themselves.

And All That We've Won Parte the Third is warming up to be as good as it's predecessor. The Sidhe is living up to his (her?) name.

Doggieboy needs to send out another Part to A Little Vacation as I'm going through withdraws.

I will be posting another part to My Sons and EarthFall and hopefully even another to Avalon this weekend.

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