Saturday, April 05, 2008

Nap time.

I just posted updates to four stories on PPMB. Now I'm tired.

Breed Pt 2. Hopefully a different take on the vampire saga.

My Sons Part 10. Daria is having fun and Quinn and Susan aren't.

Avalon Part 9. Quinn gets some training and Jane offers to cook.

EarthFall Episode 4 pt 2. A mission to gain needed protoculture.


But in really important news. The following stories have all had updates recently.

Size does matter Pt 19

And All That We've Won 6

The Misery Chicks Part Eighteen

All the King's Horses.


Clearly missing is a new part to A Little Vacation from Doggieboy but I'm sure this is merely an oversight that he better ...  I mean will correct soon. Please. Pretty please with a meatlovers pizza on top.

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