Saturday, May 03, 2008

Another weekend that isn't long enough.

I just updated Avalon on PPMB to Part 19.

RLobinske has started Falling into College 62: Run it Up the Mast and Dennis has had a couple of updates for Turnabout Confusion Part II.


In really big news. Doggieboy put up his first epilog for A Little Vacation.


All in all it's been a slow week but not to slow. I would like to offer up something to the Irredeemable Daria characters. Tom, mostly considered harmless except for the whole his entire reason to exist was they wanted Daria to have a boyfriend.

How about the fact he went after one girl before ending it with her friend. If Tom had broken up with Jane before he started making moves on Daria that would be different. But no, he went after his girlfriend's best friend while they were still dating. Here's a question for someone to ponder. If Daria had shot him down would he have broken up with Jane or tried to continue the relationship.

To me that's why Tom is irredeemable and why he has yet to play any real role in my stories. I tend to be very biased against cheaters.

Have a great weekend.

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