Monday, August 18, 2008


Maybe I should start breaking into song at random moments as the storm goes over us. That would be a real Daria tribute.


Just found out that one of my stories Esteem Roller counts as a novel, cool. Thanks for the info TAG.

I love the Dariawiki.

Just wrapped up a New Life and started Starbright.

I don't know what demon has processed me to do a Jem and Holograms crossover with Daria I don't know. If anyone does please forward name and best banishing spell.  The story isn't hard but the songs are tough.


Well maybe Fay will wipe me off the face of the Earth, if not I should have an update sometime this week.


Here's a question to ponder, assuming the Tom was physically attracted  to Daria. (He was willing to kiss, make out and even have sex with her.) Why did he make the play for Jane first instead of Daria.  Did he flip a coin or what?

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Anonymous said...

BG here.

I've an answer to your question that's simple and in canon.

He saw Jane first.

As for assuming Tom was physically attracted to Daria - what's to assume? He's a teenage boy, and she's a female human who's come within his line of sight. Of course he wanted to jump her bones!