Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Another wonderful day in tech support.


Decided to repost my current and upcoming projects.

1. Surprises

2. EarthFall

3. My Sons (Gathering ideas.)

4. Mobius Strip (Rereading some Lumley to get in the mood.)

5. Daria Arrives. (Planning stages.)

6. Of Metal and Men II. (Summery.)

7. Avalon. (Just a SUPER idea.)

8. She died. (Taking shape.)

9. I have a sister?

10. But Why?

11. The Girl and the Cynic.

12. I knew it!


No updates to any of my stories because of an increase in people with way more money than brains.

Let me give you some un-Daria advice. If your PC cost $250 then don't try to sync an $800 phone to it. If you start deleting things under the windows folder because you "don't use them" your computer will die. The registry is not taking up that much space please don't try to "Clean it up."

Ok that's enough work garbage.


A funny Jane story occurred to me this afternoon. What lengths would Jane go to trying to keep her extended family around her. Daria was portrayed as the clingy one in canon so what if Jane wakes up one morning and realizes that her family is spread to the four winds and Daria is leaving soon. I'm kind of booked for a while and this doesn't really grab me but if anyone wanted to write it, I would love to read it.

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Anonymous said...

I'm ashamed to admit that I have deleted things which led to a computer crash.

I don't do that anymore.