Sunday, February 03, 2008

Looks like the Booties results are in!

Head on over to the PPMB and check the results.

Didn't get a chance to update my site with the excusive content but I'll try to get to it this week.

I have new parts for EarthFall and Surprises that are almost ready but I was just to busy today to finish them up. But while you're waiting.

Rlobinske just updated Falling into College 61 with Part 11.

thatLONERchick posted another great part to The Night Series.

Kristen Bealer is starting a new story I've waited Here for You.

Dennis posted another part(chapter?) to Turnabout Confusion Part II.


No I'm not telling who won the Booties! Go check.

Well I start my new time tomorrow that involves being leaving for work two hours before I'm use to so I'm heading off to bed early.


Anonymous said...

Did you know EarthFall got reviewed on Cincgreen's blog?

legendeld said...

No. What's it's name and how bad did he trash me. lol.

Anonymous said...