Saturday, April 19, 2008

Just a run of the mill update.

I added two partials to my fic site, these are stories I walked away from. I marked them in Purple for easy finding.


The Sidhe once again proves that the Irish had it right with The Other Side of Time: And All That We've Won. (9)

Last but not least I'm going to comment on something crossada75 said over at PPMB.


The members of Daria fandom are a finite resource that should be intent on maintaining their health if for no other reason than reproduction of new Daria fans. New fans are going to become rarer and rarer as time goes by. This can only be offset by a friendly doorman being there for the stragglers who discover Daria on the web, standing there with an umbrella and a cup of hot cocoa inviting them in from the rain. New blood is out there and they will come but it would be nice to make sure some of the old timers are still around to greet them.

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