Thursday, April 17, 2008

A little truth.

I just posted some updates, where else but the PPMB. I have to recommend checking out the Daria Fandom blog II through that handy dandy link to the right. Maybe I'm reading it wrong but it sure seems like TAG has a really important message up today.

Also there is a new Iron Chef by DigiSim and Solaris plans to review some fanfiction. 


Now to discuss something. I'm dyslexic and considered nonfunctional (what that means I'm really not sure).  Basically when most people see a word, they see letters, the parts of the word. For me it's a solid, I'm unable to break words and even sentences down into their parts or structure.  For me the finished product is all there is.

I am lucky enough that my dyslexia only effects output, meaning I can read perfectly and understand what I'm read but I cannot find mistakes even if their obvious.

If you go down that page to a section called Reading and spelling you will see several bullet points that anyone familiar with my stories will recognize right off.

This isn't a cop out, I rather enjoy when some people like Derek and DigiSim for example point out the usually humorous mistakes. (PLEASE Don't you dare stop doing it.) My work needs all the help it can get.

I'm offering up this information as an explanation, I'm not lazy, or uncaring when it comes to editing my work. I just can't see these kinds of mistakes. This also means that I'm completely at the mercy of my word processing program and I'm sure you all know how fickle they are.


Sleep tight because the bed bugs will bite.

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Anonymous said...

Hey legendeld. This is Solaris. If you've read my thread, and the comment I posted about you, you know that I love you work. My first thought on the fact that you write brillantly yet have some interesting oddities in word structure was that English was your 2nd language. But the dyslexia makes more sense. That makes you the very first person I actually know of who has it. And if you are considered "nonfunctional", and yet can write like that... well damn you. Quit hogging the talent.