Monday, September 01, 2008



Got two stories running now. Two Aunts and Some Times it Rains.

Rayne Lane is going to find out the good times are over for a little while.

Becky Morgendorffer has decided to work for her money while staying with her big brother.


I guess I'm in a new character kind of mood. Not the first time, lets see.

Cleo Patrica Morgendorffer- Daughter of Quinn and Trent

Danielle Todds

William Dorn

Michael Morgendorffer- Son of Helen and Jake.

Samual - Son of Jake by another woman.

And of course Veronica Helen Morgendorffer- daughter of Jake by another woman. Also used a Veronica as Amy's daughter.

Shannon Morgendorffer- daughter of Jane.

Michael Rayne Morgendorffer- Son of Daria and Lurman.

Susan Williams


I might have to do a story that doesn't involve creating a new character.

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