Sunday, September 14, 2008

So other weekend ends.

I managed to get a few posts done.


Sometimes it Rains is at Part 10. The next few parts are going to be a little more action filled.

Two Aunts is all wrapped up. I have no idea where the last bit at the end came from. Must of been the toads.

Tales of the Ringbearers Journey's Debt is on Pt 2. 


I'm already thinking up another short in the Tales of Ringbearers universe. A disgraced former Ringbearer has to find a path to redemption without a Ring. I'll do that one during the week.


My next story is going to be Mobius Strip.  Followed swiftly by either But Why? or Daria Arrives.


I'm really enjoying this picture I did for Journey's Debt so here it is again.

Journey's Debt cover2

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