Saturday, September 13, 2008

Journey's Debt has begun.

Journey's Debt cover2

Tales of the Ringbearers - Journey's Debt

This story is part of the Tales of the Ringbearers series. The three stories Last Man, Diplomacy and Artifact were the forebears of this tale but it owes debt to the works of Brother Grimace and Doggieboy. If it's bad, that's all me.

Bunch of writers are writing up tales, why haven't you?

Mentioned before that there are a couple of new writers hanging around PPMB, I hope someone remembers to feed them so they stick around.

I'm hoping to write out the last part to Two Aunts tomorrow and maybe even another part to Sometimes it Rains.

PS the font used under the picture is Ringbearer. Do a google seach for it.

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