Thursday, October 23, 2008

Just bored a little bit.

Ok the UK is charging someone for writing Internet porn fanfiction. Ok that's not a problem. Everyone remember I'm a 4'4 600 pound Asian man with really great teeth who lives in France.

Just finished up But Why?  It was a short one.

That leaves Ashes and Kisses and Babysitting as my only active stories at the moment.

Ashes and Kisses has a couple of little events to happen and one big one coming up shortly. Two parts to go.

Babysitting has maybe three parts left. Not sure it really depends on a choice Daria has to make.

Then I have Trick or Treat II. I'm not so sure this one is only going to be three tales this year. It might have one or two more than that.


Oh look, TAG also found a case of a woman being arrested for deleting an online character. I think the defense needs to argue it was  a mercy killing because the guy was such a noob that he took this whole marriage thing in some games, way to serious and hooked up with a nut job but I'll give credit where credit is do, at least it was actually a woman and not a fifty year old guy.

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