Saturday, October 11, 2008

To kill or not kill.

Sorry personal question I guess. Don't panic, I don't know where any of you live. Just a decision I have to make in a story.  About to start another story as soon as I finish this post. It's going to be one of the ones that has been on the burner for awhile. It's going to be one of these three stories. I'm not sure which yet.

1. Daria Arrives.
Daria shows up in Lawndale a year after her family moves there.

2. But Why?
Quinn wants to know why Daria put away her camera.

3. I knew it!
Daria finds out Helen was married briefly to another man and becomes convinced he is her real father.


Kristen Bealer just started a new story and if you haven't read it yet then you're a goof.


Ok I wasn't going to do this but I've been fooling around with Paintshop so here goes yet another of my really bad drawings. Since Brother Grimace is going to skin me for this one, direct all complaints to the nearest hospital. It's bad, so sue me.


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