Sunday, October 12, 2008

Seeking Protective Custody.

Well I just posted a mess of stories on PPMB.


Ashes and Kisses - A DAYLIGHT story.

I knew it! pt 2

End of the Line Part 5

Mobius Strip Part 7


I'm pretty sure the hitman are coming after this batch. I think I've managed to offend every target demographic known to mankind with at least one of these stories. It's ok though, I have a kevlar vest and the dogs will be outside for a few days. Remember I'm from the South so even though I currently don't own any guns I'm sure the rednecks down the road do and are looking for any dark clothed weapon welding assassins  to practice shooting on.

This DAYLIGHT concept is a good one but I can't see Day One yet. Maybe during the week it'll occur to me. Bother Grimace and Roentgen have both posted Day One stories and they look way cooler than aftermath stories like mine. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact they are way better writers, nah couldn't be.


Still would like to see some more people do Tales of the Ringbearers stories. I like the concept RLobinske is writing about, cluster multiverses. In this cluster and it's thousands, millions of universes A happened. In this cluster B happened. Think about that for a minute. Not only is reality duplicated into infinity but the multiverses as entities themselves are duplicated into infinity. It's mind boggling.


Oh wait I need to pack for my trip into hiding. See you when the crust starts to cool.

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The Angst Guy said...

Your stuff is cool. There's WAY more offensive stuff out there. :)