Sunday, November 02, 2008

The end is nigh.

I managed to get a couple of posts up for Order and Chaos and I wrapped up Babysitting.

I have to admit I like the concept of Quinn and Daria having to deal with a child. I might try a story like it with a more canon take on the characters having to deal with the same, Wham, you have a baby. Can't you just see Sandi complaining that Quinn's baby didn't go with her outfit or Jane offering to paint the baby or complaining that Daria never cared about paint fumes before.


Got another story in the works called Bet. It's still at the outline stage but it's going to get at least a three parter.

I started the novel for National Novel Writing Month. At this rate I should be able to get it done in time, of course now that I dared to say that something is going to happen to prevent me from finishing in time. I did through some ... lets just say friends of mine  in it. And it's not fanfiction, this might be a very bad sign.

If you haven't been by PPMB lately then you really need to. Kristen Bealer just wrapped up Blood, sweat  and Cheers and RLobinske is working on John Lane 35. Also Roentgen and Brother Grimace are doing Erebus and some new guys, SoCalledGoodGuy and Disco316 are adding to the pile of good stuff to read.


I tried to do some artwork for TAG of Halloween but I stink way to much so it ended up really bad. I'll try again another time.


Hope everyone had a good weekend. If not don't worry, there's another one coming in just a few days.

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