Saturday, November 15, 2008

It's Saturday!

Ok I couldn't come up with anything snappy for a title.

I posted up new parts to Bet and Order and Chaos last night.

Bet actually surprised me, it's the first story where I've made a major plot change to the background on purpose. But I did it and I'm keeping it. Maybe I'll kill someone extra off in another story.

Lots of good stuff being tossed up on PPMB lately. Go read some of it.

Brother Grimace is proving how cruel a person can be by posting tidbits of his not yet posted stories on the Dariawiki. There's something wrong with that.


I'm trying to hit the 50k mark on my namowrimo story and it's been fun. I think I might hit 55 to 60k total before I start going back and trying to add something that resembles descriptive text. It's actually sort of fun. After it's done I might post it somewhere for people to shred into tiny little pieces. But that's the best part.

More later in the weekend. Have fun.

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