Friday, November 28, 2008

One more Holiday down.

Thanksgiving is over. No serious injuries so all an all not a bad holiday.

I finished up Bet and posted more parts to Arrival and Order and Chaos.

There's this great little tale called Welcome Back over on the PPMB that I'm digging just a bit.


Some people are looking and talking about SteamPunk for Daria, the whole concept just screams Daria to me. I can just see Daria in the workers boots and khaki pants with that square lantern on a belt. Smudges of grease on her shirt and face. Oversized wrench as she puts something together. What's funny is I just saw  a SteamPunk movie. The Mutant Chronicles. I didn't even know it was supposed to be SteamPunk until I saw the airship with coal burners.

I'm taking some notes down for both a Daylight and Tales of the Ringbearers story. The Daylight one is going to be set in Desperate Seasons and the Ringbearers tale will take place on world being overrun with Left 4 Dead zombies.

After them I am doing a SteamPunk Daria story dammit. I don't care I need to write one of those.

I'm also looking at an idea for LATIFA. Really sketchy in my head right now but I think it's going to have something to do with Daria, Quinn, Jane and Tom are the reincarnations of aliens born into human form.


Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.


Oh and now that the holiday is over we can go back to harassing Doggieboy for more of his Apocalyptic Daria stories. Brave New World and Scarlett's Tale.

Release the hounds!

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