Sunday, November 23, 2008

I don't have a cake to send.

I hear it's birthday party time over at the Daria Fandom Blog II. I'm sure I just misplaced my invitation somewhere. Well anyway.

Happy Birthday. I was going to look for a picture of a cake or something but that might have meant work.

Oh what the hey.




I did manage to get an a post for Bet up and it's got one more part to go. Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Go check out the Lovestruck Atomic Teenage Invaders From Mars pages. All the cool fanfiction writers are doing it. You want to be cool don't you?


Oh and I just finished up my NaNoWriMo at over 66k. It's been one hell of a ride.

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The Angst Guy said...

Yum! Penguin cake! I could eat that.

Thank you for the kind wishes. I am looking forward to another good year of blogging Daria!