Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'm back!

Two weeks without writing was hell but I'm back in action. Takes a bit longer to write something but I managed to get some updates to both Order and Chaos and Arrival posted up on PPMB.

Lots of great stuff being posted by a lot of new people.

Disco316, ninetwelve, Roxanne M, NapalmKracken, Dark Kuno to name a few.

It's great getting all sorts of different takes. I'm the kind of person who like staring at every single facet of a crystal to see what changes. I won't be happy until every single possible variation on the Daria mythos has been explored in detail.


Back to the keyboard.


Hope everyone has/had a good weekend.


PS- Voice software might have come in handy but the text might end up looking like one of the kids TV shows.

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