Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's over at last.

Sorry but I'm happy that the holidays are over, now I just have to start worrying about normal stuff.

I posted some updates and hope to get some more done later or tomorrow. I finally figured out what my Steampunk Daria story is going to be about. Of course it won't go steamy until the third part but still it's going to be pretty cool.

Order and Chaos is up to part 16 and Arrival is at part 5

I also did a oneshot for Christmas called Murphy's Christmas. I'm not going to say where but there's this link over to the right.

Did anyone else get a tiny shiver when reading Quinn: Quinndy-Lou Who. Knowing this is part of the prequel to the HD series. It just seems like I got the tiny foreshadowing of Jane/Daria but I can't figure out what seemed to imply that. It really showed off why neither daughter likes Helen much. I was sort of wondering about Amy and Daria's relationship in the HD verse and this answered that with a really loud bang.




Alright, I wasn't going to mention it but I have to. I did the NaNoWriMo and finished it up. (In case you missed that fact.) One of the prizes/awards (whatever) was getting it set up on Createspace with a free proof copy.

So I did. It's up there now but I'll be honest. This is actually the last story I would have intended to publish. Even this kind of publishing.

Also they make the price way to high. If anyone is really bored and has absolutely nothing else to read. I mean nothing, I'm talking you've already reread the boxes of dry goods in your pantry. You can check it out here.

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Gene said...

Hey, nicely done on Arrival. I'm really enjoying it.