Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Horror oh the horror!

I decided to replace my three year old frankstein computer and just as I was doing so, my "never going to die" hard drive did just that. 300 gigs of data gone in a blink. Now I had a backup program that I had free access to for awhile and all the data is safely backed up but it apparently uses parity to increase compression time. So I've spent the last two weeks trying to decompress and piece together file chunks to rebuild things like oh lets say ... all the freaking Daria episodes. I went insane three days ago by the way. That plus a few people I work with have granted me access to their music and movie files to give me something to run on for awhile.


But I digress, I managed to update Complications and Other Side finally.  Lots of great stuff being posted so I've got to catch up on my reading now as well.

Still waiting for the booties announcement.


Hope everyone is having a better week than I am but hey here's some motivational messages that work for me.

"Smile, it's going to get worse."

"Just keep telling yourself that you're a bad person and you deserve this."

"Someday you will tell people that these were the good old days."

"The wheel turns, it just never feels like it when it's on top of you."

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Anonymous said...

Are you ever gonna write again?