Monday, April 13, 2009

Been Awhile

Welcome to another wonderful week.

It’s been awhile since I posted and I’m pretty sure there are hordes of people who have been crying their eyes out over that. Ok maybe two.


Anyway. I’m running a few stories over at PPMB at the moment.

On the Clock is a Watchman style superhero tale. Mostly about Quinn joining a superhero team setup by Daria after years of being a Punisher/Rorschach type. Part 4 is up currently. I think there is going to be six parts in total.

Complications is a take off on the events of My Night at Daria’s with one tiny little change. (Sorry Tom)  It’s on part 8 of ten at most.

Expecting Trouble, this is a little angst fest that hopefully is going to stir up some trouble. Quinn is knocked up at fifteen. She’s keeping the baby and the whole town is about to offer up a piece of their minds. Part 3 is the current.

Lots of good stuff out there on PPMB. Doggieboy is running Things Fall Apart so that’s worth a stop over there just for that.

Turnabout Confusion seems to be heading for a grand finale after going for what? Over a year I think. I’m going to miss that one when it’s done.

I’m doing Script Frenzy this month and with half the month gone I haven’t made much progress. The format is taking some adjusting to get use to it.

Everybody take it easy and have a good week.

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Dennis said...

It's Jake, isn't it?

Sorry. :)

And thank you for the shout out, BTW.