Friday, February 01, 2008

Better Late than Never!

Finally got an update for Surprises up so go read part 11.

While you're there check out Nature of Nurture by Mascifin and Size does matter Pt.2 by Blackhole and drum role please.

A small update to Legion of Lawndale Heroes by Brother Grimace.

Dennis's Turnabout Confusion is still running hot enough to blow the bolts off the manifold.

Don't you hate waiting for another chapter of an epic story and that's how I'm feeling with Doggieboy's A Little Vacation.


I should have an update for EarthFall tomorrow. I'm working on the first part of Episode 2 tonight.

Voting is over for the booties and anyone who did vote I salute you even if you voted for someone else. LoL. But hey I'm in Florida so I'll be demanding a recount, just kidding.

Look for some excusive content to go up on my site on Sunday including a few shorts I walked away from and a massive tale that I grew disgusted with but couldn't stop until it was finished.

I'll post again tomorrow.

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