Saturday, February 02, 2008

Choice of Music.

I just chucked about two pages of Surprises part 12 because after writing it under the influence of trashy techno pop it turned into a sappy romance that didn't make any sense. (Now I know some people are saying "Hey isn't that par for the course with your writing." but it was really bad.)

A familiar face in making an entrance in EarthFall episode 2 part 2 and is the third of six people from the show (Daria) that are currently planned on being in the story. (More might pop in later on.)

Not much happening on PPMB today but Doggieboy has said he'll try to have Part 5 of A Little Vacation up tomorrow or Monday so there's hope.

Have you guessed I really like this story yet.


Well I'm working on Part 12 for surprises and part 2 for EarthFall at the moment and might get them done before the end of the weekend.

Have fun.

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