Sunday, January 04, 2009

And it's a new year. Hello 2009.

Another year gone by in the blink of an eye.

I posted some updates and actually think I might have stunned some people with the current part to Arrival. No death threats yet but I'm sure they're in the mail. The next part to Order and Chaos will have some fireworks. Daddy isn't going to be pleased to find out what his little girl's have been up to.

You HAVE to go over to the Daria Fandom Blog II and check out TAG's current project with a few others. I already have an idea to use one of the characters in my Steampunk story that should be starting soon.

Hey what happened to TAG doing interviews of some of the people in the Fandom, I really liked those. I was hoping he'd do Brother Grimace or Doggieboy and NightGoblyn. Maybe I should start a web petition to try to convince him to restart them. Now where did I put those pictures of the blonde penguins.


Lesser non important news.

Anyway. I actually started selling a few copies of New Moon. Why didn't someone tell me there was this book by a really popular (currently) author out there with the same name. I had to find out from a twelve year old. Anyway I'm currently in hiding from the people that have bought copies. Remember I live in the midwest, in a shack, in the middle of a federally owned wildlife reserve. You can't get here, so don't try. Don't believe fictitious reports of me living elsewhere. They're lies, lies I tell you.

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