Sunday, January 11, 2009

Good Evening.

It's been another wonderful week in the amazing adventures of ... Ok that just sucked.  Actually hasn't been to bad of a week though. Couple of great stories being posted over at PPMB. People like undefinedlust, Disco316, Dark Kuno, Gene and a few others are posting up a storm. Great stuff too.

I finally started my SteamPunk story Other Side and the next part is finally going to get Steamy. Hope (One of the characters, check out TAG's character project, Chipmunk to see what she looks like.) Is going to take Daria and Jane on a tour.

Order and Chaos is working toward an ending I think. I'll let you know in two or so parts.


I've been sort of busy lately, starting out the new year and all that same old tired excuses. I'm looking out over the year and hoping to get a chance to do a couple of stories.

Number one is to try a completely Canon based story, nothing extra. Something that could in theory be added to Canon without any change in the existing story but at the same time be mind blowing. I'm hoping to base it off one particular scene in Lab Brat.

Number two is a look at Tiffany and what the concept of being Fat means in some cultures.


Hope everyone had a good weekend and has a good week.

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gene said...

Thanks for the kudo! I'm a newbie with under 50 posts and 1 fanfic to my name, but I'm having fun.