Saturday, January 19, 2008

Good Morning.

Is everyone ready for a fun filled weekend? I'll be hiding behind this wall over here to avoid any thrown projectiles.

Just posted an update to both Surprises and Lesson Learned over on PPMB.

Surprises Part 6

Lesson Learned Part 4


I also started scrapping together my notes for my Robotech/Daria crossover. Just as a FYI no characters from the Robotech verse will be appearing but some will be mentioned. (ie. Admiral Hunter etc)


I'll release a plot teaser.



Lieutenant Commander Daria Maria Morgendorffer.

Second in Command of the Garfish class destroyer, The Henry Global.

Assigned to advance recon mission tasked to test Invid planetary defenses as precursor to the Mars attack group's main offensive.

Missing in Action.

All ships lost and no intel confirming or denying survivors at this time.

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