Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ok that sucks.

I finished part 6 of Lesson Learned and even I don't think it's over.

I'm going to let it sit for a little while and see what happens next weekend.

Current projects.

  1. Lesson Learned – simmering till next weekend.
  2. Surprises- Going along nicely.
  3. Robotech/Daria crossover-Still in the planning stages. (EarthFall.)
  4. My sons- Sneaking around in the back of my head like jack hammer.
  5. Mobius Strip- Still in the notes stage.

Ok another thing they need to add to the booties is a Reply category. Some of the funniest stuff I've read has been as a reply to a story.

I redid my webpage and moved all the stories over to a secondary page. Makes it easier to find them without all the scrolling.

Click on Stories on my webpage to get to them.

Another Teaser for EarthFall.

Lieutenant Jane Lane (Zentraedi)

REF mission member after refusing to join the Zentraedi contingent.

Master of Arms Garfish class Destroyer, The Henry Global.

Micronized Zentraedi that was born into Micronian form on Earth toward the end of the Malcontent Uprisings.

Unknown if survival would even be possible during resizing process.

Current status- Missing in Action.

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