Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy 500 day!

My fanfiction site just got it's 500 hundred guest! Mr. 500 hails from Finland. So hi. Ok that was lame but so what. Alright nothing much happening today as they might make me work today. So basicly I'm going to spend the day gathering some notes and tightening up a few of the current projects I've got warming up. Surprises Part 7 should be up sometime much later today. (All I promise is before midnight.) Current list of things to suggest over at PPMB but haven't done yet. Best Replies section of the Booties. Best Scene section of the Booties and of course Adopt an Orphan Story! I really need to post this over there. Again I redid my sight to make the page a little easier to manage and all my stories can be found under the link marked Stories over there. This includes an excusive short oneshot never before seen anywhere. (It wasn't that good so I killed it.) Maybe I should have waited to tell that part? Alright go read something and look out for the squirrels. Apparently some people took the hugs to far and now they've declared war.

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