Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Another day, another 32 cents.

Just a scene that occurred to be for My Sons.

"Jake how could you do this?" Helen was on the verge of shouting.

"He was dying and wanted to make sure his daughter was taken care of." Jake defended weakly.

"So you promised to have your sons date her. So now what?" Helen fumed.

"Well Daria and Quinn seem to be taking this much better than you are." Jake puzzled.

"Are you insane?" Helen almost screamed.

"Why are you so mad?" Jake asked.

"Because you agreed to have our daughters who you misidentified as boys date some girl and then convinced them to agree to it." Helen replied harshly.

"Maybe they'll like it." Jake said weakly.

"THAT'S THE PROBLEM!" Helen bellowed.

"Eep." Jake answered.

Daria walked in holding hands with Susan.

"Mom, Dad we're going up to my room to study. Knock before you come in and don't mind the loud music. It's a date." Daria smirked making air quotes around the word study.

"Hi Mrs. Morgendorffer." Susan said with a grin.

"You girls have fun." Jake responded.

The girls started out of the room.

"You think you're being funny but I expect that door to stay open and I will be coming up to check on you." Helen called after them.

"Helen be reasonable." Jake tried.

"Jake shut up." Helen fired.


I hope to have Part 8 of Surprises up tomorrow but that will depend on if they want me to actually work at work today. I mean sure they pay me and all but do they really expect me to produce anything. Some people.


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