Monday, January 21, 2008

Welcome to the morning.

Interesting articles over at the Daria Fandom II, go check it out.


Getting ready for work and I went and checked out PPMB.

Not much happening today. Oops I should be careful or someone will declare the fandom dead and the great implosion of 2008 will began. I really do wonder what it is that makes someone think they have some right to declare something dead beyond their own story or site. I mean get real. I did a google search and it pulled up a site on the Booties in two different languages. Apparently I'm not received well in France but I'll deal. There were even instructions on how to vote. I think that if every active member of the fandom disappeared there would be someone to move up and take their place. So we're all replaceable so quit thinking you aren't. Sorry just read some of the old Daria is dead posts and such from last summer.

Just relaxing on the stories for a bit to see if anything else comes to me for Lesson Learned. I've got EarthFall kicking against the gate wanting to get moving but it always does in the morning. Thinking about doing another Daria and the living dead stories, I just like zombies.

So take a break and catch up on your reading.

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